Chief Francis Keala
December 24, 1969 to April 1, 1983

Francis Keala was promoted from captain of the finance division to chief of police in 1969. He was faced with an increasing disrespect for law and order; an expanding drug abuse problem in the public and in his department. The "Operation Hukilau" and the green harvest operations were a credit to his success in infiltrating covert operations.

Chief Keala was the first person with a college education to become chief of the Honolulu Police Department. He saw that there were many problems confronting police, due to the changing concept of the role of the police in society at that time. Where once police had been an "enforcer", now it was necessary for officers to be aware of the deeper sociological problems involved in dealing with people.

To Chief Keala it was evident that police officers needed a broader understanding of their role in the social structure of the 1970's, and that the training and retraining of all officers was necessary to meet this end. Chief Keala retired in 1983.


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