Chief GIBB

Chief Douglas Gibb
June 20, 1983 to December 21, 1989

Douglas Gibb was appointed Chief of Police on June 20, 1983. He served until 1989. Chief Gibb was the third youngest chief in the history of the department.

During his administration, the department turned to a global perspective as national and international types of crime became commonplace. The Honolulu Police Department's high tech advances in computerization and in police equipment and techniques improved crime detection and police procedures.

In 1984, Chief Gibb announced that the Honolulu Police department would start a drug abuse prevention program with fifth grade students in Oahu elementary schools. The program won praise from teachers and parents.

Chief Gibb also succeeded in getting some police functions decentralized, opening new substations in Kahuku, Waikiki, and downtown Honolulu.


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