Major Events Division

The Major Events Division (MED) is responsible for assisting with the management of major events that exceed the capabilities and resources of a patrol division. The division is also responsible for the planning, coordination, and training for civil defense and homeland security operations. Major events and operations are categorized as either scheduled or unscheduled events.

Scheduled Events

Scheduled events are pre-planned events that are scheduled to occur on a certain date and time (e.g., Pro Bowl, Honolulu Marathon, etc.).

Unscheduled Events

Unscheduled events deal with large-scale, natural or man-made events that can occur with little or no warning (e.g., tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorism-related incidents, etc.).

The MED is comprised of the following units and division representatives to address these scheduled and unscheduled events:

Active Shooter Presentations

In order to enhance situational awareness, the Honolulu Police Department’s Major Events Division gives presentations on active shooter and other similar critical incident situations upon request. The Major Events Division can also assist an organization’s discussions to raise awareness of active shooters’ possible characteristics and behaviors that may be pre-incident indicators and options to deal with active shooter situations.

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Active Shooter Resources

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