Pilot Thomas A. Moher

In Memoriam

Pilot Thomas A. Moher

Assignment: Specialized Services Division

Date of Birth: August 8, 1949 

Appointment Date: October 25, 1976 

End of Watch: March 16, 1977 

Pilot Thomas Moher was born in New York and was a former United States Marine helicopter pilot before joining the Honolulu Police Department in 1976.

On March 16, 1977, Pilot Moher, while assigned to the Helicopter Detail, was operating a Hughes 300C two-man craft with Officer Kaeo as his observer.  The aircraft touched down at the Halawa pumping station then flew into Halawa valley for a quick search.  While navigating under a high tension power line on its way back, the aircraft’s rotor unit collided with the power line approximately 200 feet above the valley floor. 

The force of the impact snapped the power line and simultaneously severed the aircrafts rotor unit separating it from the fuselage. 

Both Pilot Moher and Officer Keao were killed on impact.


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