In Memoriam

Officer Samson Paele

Assignment: Patrol District 2

Date of Birth: May 3, 1881

Appointment Date: February 1, 1921

End of Watch: July 24, 1927

On July 23, 1927 Officer Paele stopped a vehicle driving through Wahiawa in a reckless manner. Officer Paele knew the driver well and instead of taking him into custody for the reckless driving allowed him the opportunity to report to court and released him from the scene.

Later, while leaving his house with his wife in their automobile, Officer Paele was approached by the wife of the male he had stopped earlier. Officer Paele could not understand what the female was saying because of her excitement.

A moment later the male arrived on the scene highly intoxicated. The male pulled a small revolver from his pocket and fired six times at Officer Paele. Officer Paele was hit three times and his wife was hit twice. Officer Paeleā€™s wife survived but Officer Paele later died from his injuries.


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