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Policies are subject to department review and revision. While most policies are posted in their entirety, some policies have been redacted. Sensitive material that could jeopardize public safety or impede officers’ ability to respond to critical incidents has been obscured for security purposes.

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Mission Statement
Constitutional Rights Warnings and Custodial Questioning
Concurrent Jurisdiction
Use of Force
Patrol Command Boundaries
Encounters with Individuals on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Terrorist Screening Center Watch List
Intergovernmental Agreements
Federal Jurisdiction: Areas and Police Action
Honolulu International Airport Cases and Service Requests
Assistance in Warrantless Searches of Probationers
Use of Koko Head Range
Bias Based Profiling
Use of Discretion by Police Officers
Warrantless Searches and Seizures
Conducted Energy Weapon
Recovering Digital Media Evidence
Grant-Funded Traffic Enforcement
Departmental Organization and Chain of Command
Goals and Objectives
Administrative Involvement
Safety Program
Fire Prevention and Alert
Hazard Communication Program
Uniform and Equipment Committee
Property Management Program
Alapai Headquarters Building Security
Alapai Headquarters Parking
Heliport at Alapai Headquarters
Public Touring of the Alapai Headquarters
Building Improvements, Repairs and Maintenance, and Custodial and Technical Services
Locker Rooms at the Alapai Headquarters
Police Commissioner Orientation Program
Request for Reimbursement of Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Items
Annual Reports
Departmental Forms
Directive System
Manuals of Operations
Standards of Conduct
Procedure for Requesting Legal Opinions From the Department of the Corporation Counsel
Bulletin Boards
Crime Analysis
Departmental Coordination
Allocation and Distribution of Personnel
Personnel Movement
Temporary Assignments
Selection of Personnel for Out-of-State Extraditions
Reserve Officer Program
Volunteer Workers
Volunteer Special Enforcement Officer Program
Filling Civilian Positions
Purchasing Rules
Special Accounts
Distribution of Paychecks
Management of Equipment and Supplies
Uniforms, Equipment, and Firearms
Equipment in Police Arsenals
Automated External Defibrillators
Departmental Smartphones
Identification Cards
Duplicate Keys for the Alapai Headquarters
Flasher Barricades
Police Patch Program
Departmental Seals and Logotypes
Official City Business Bus Pass
Telephone Installation, Relocation, Removal, and Repair
Testing, Evaluation, Purchase, or Lease of Electronic Data-Processing Equipment
Duress Alarm System At Alapai Headquarters
Travel for Official Government Business
Computer-Related Equipment and Software Requests
Fitness and Weight Rooms
Smoking in the Workplace and in Uniform
Flexible Working Hours Program
Body-Worn Cameras
Financial Maintenance of Accounts
Use of Departmental Addresses
Compensation and Benefits
Collective Bargaining
Fiscal Management
Operating Budget
Administrative Reports
Purchasing Card Program
Alapai Headquarters as an Alternate Private Emergency Refuge Shelter
Gifts to the Department
Special Assignments
Electronic Mail
Respiratory Protection Program
Security for Honolulu City Council Meetings
Social Media
Probation, Promotion, and Termination
Candidates for MPO-M Positions
Attendance, Overtime, and Compensatory Time Reporting and Control
Hazardous Duty Pay Card
Compensation for Meals
Industrial Injury/Illness and Workers' Compensation
Annual Vacations
Funeral Honors and Ceremonies for Police Personnel
The Deputies Scholarship Awards
Higher Education Reimbursement Program
Badge Encasement
Employee Early Recognition System
Psychological Evaluations
Human Services Unit
Peer Support Unit
Physical Examination and Medical Disqualification
Fit For Life
Physical Fitness Activities
Outside Employment
Special Duty and Voluntary Police Service
Civil Service Grievance Procedures
Dress and Grooming Standards
Updating Photographs and Other Employee Information
Flag Ceremonies, National Anthem / State Song, and Pledge of Allegiance
Drug Urinalysis Screening Program
Employees Involved in Domestic Violence
Workplace Violence
Sexual Harassment
Police Employees' Attendance at Public Auctions
Award System
Americans with Disabilities Act
NonDiscrimination and Reasonable Accommodation During Pregnancy
Training Committee
Training Programs Administered by the Training Division
Training Coordination
Field Training and Evaluation Program
Annual Recall Training
Investigative Awareness Training
Application, Selection, and Curriculum for the FBI National Academy
Appointment/Promotion Interviews
Code Of Ethics
Performance Evaluation
Element Personnel Folders
Limited-Duty Assignments
Failure to Meet Minimum Job Requirements
Alcohol Use
Training Requirements for Returning Officers
Reserve Police Chaplaincy Program
Language Access Assistance Program
Military Leave
Motor Vehicle Pursuits
Field Information
Inmates on Furlough from State Correctional Facilities
Critical Event Deconfliction and Case Activation
Juvenile Runaways
Bloodborne Pathogens and Other Communicable Diseases
Deaf Awareness Program
Miscellaneous Assist and Standby Cases
Reported Violations of the Ordinances on Smoking
Helicopter Section
Three-Wheeled Motorcycle Qualification Requirements
Use of PAL Van
Police Vehicles
Police Subsidized Vehicles
Vehicle Checklists
Mobile Data Computers
Abuse of Family or Household Members
Vulnerable Adult Abuse
Sex Crime Investigations
Hate Crimes
MH-1: Application for Emergency Examination and Hospitalization
Air Piracy, Honolulu International Airport
City Code Violations and Stop-work Orders
Animal Nuisance Complaints
Fraudulent Use of License Plates
Motor Vehicles with Defaced Serial Numbers
Crime Scene: Investigative Responsibilities and Procedures
Field Showups, Field Lineups, Photographic Lineups, and Physical Lineups
Statement Form and Interview Technique
Crime Information Bulletin
Handling Juveniles
Juvenile Status Offense Arrests
Mediation and Resolution Services
Graffiti Hotline
Ride-Along Program
Participation in the Keiki Identification Program
Civil Defense Disaster Mitigation, Preparation, Response, and Recovery
Tsunami Evacuation Guidance for Employees
Hazardous Materials and Weapons of Mass Destruction Emergencies
Correctional Facility Disturbance
Citation and Arrest in City and County of Honolulu Parks and Recreation Facilities
Stranded or Beached Sea Mammals
Response to School Violence
Sovereign Citizen Movements
Barricade, Hostage, and Sniper Incidents
Officer Critical Incident Protocol
Missing Persons and Juvenile Abductions
Environmental Crimes
Handling of Refuse Complaints and Violations
Major Events Division Command Truck
Satellite Telephones
Airport Operations Area Security Items
Gang Member Recognition and Information
Automated License Plate Reader
Requesting Emergency Services
Maile Amber Alert Plan
Rapid Deployment Force
Criminal History Information
Traffic Stops
Quality Assurance Callback Program
Documenting Informants
Asset Forfeiture: State
Active Threat Incidents
Service Animals
Mountain Bike Team
Complaints and Internal Investigations
Notification of Criminal Proceeding/Civil Action and Transmittal of Legal Papers
Restriction of Police Authority
Inspection and Drill for Uniformed Officers
Inspections and Annual Chief's Review
Media and Public Relations
Departmental Internet Website
Public Access to Arrest Logs
Release of Photographs of Arrested Persons
Witness Protection
Victim Assistance and Resource Card
Honolulu Police Department Intranet Web Site
HPD Internet Web Pages, On-Line Reporting, and E-Mailbox System
Traffic Control and Enforcement
Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of an Intoxicant
Intoxication Control Roadblock Form
Hazardous Driving
Request for Suspension or Revocation of Driver's License
Handling Drivers with Suspended or Revoked Driver's Licenses
Parking Complaints Related To Sidewalks and Driveways
Motor Vehicle Collisions
Police Escort
Construction Site Inspection
Maintenance and Repair Services Provided by Governmental Agencies
Towing Procedures
Stalled / Unattended Vehicle Check Sticker
Trouble Calls for Mayor's Vehicles
Abandoned Vehicles
Administrative Driver's License Revocation Hearings
Drug Evaluation and Classification Program
Preliminary Alcohol Screening Device
Arrests and Arrested Persons
Security Control of Arrestees
Release and Return of Patients from the Hawaii State Hospital
Holding and Temporary Detention Facilities
Arrest Report
Booking Procedures for Penal Summons Conviction
Court Orders for Protection
Gun Violence Protective Orders
Penal Summonses
Subpoenas for and Court Appearances by Departmental Personnel
Departmental Notification Procedure
Security Breach of Personal Information
National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
Requests For Dispatch Audio Recordings
Police Reports
Requests to Review or Reproduce Police Reports
Computer Hardware and Software
Crime Victims Compensation Commission Requests
Intradepartmental Transmittal of Police Reports, Documents, and Money
Citations and Citation Books
Alarm Tracking
Handling of Evidence and Found Property
Vehicles, Keys, and Property in Police Custody
Ownership and Return of Evidence from a Pawnshop or Secondhand Dealership
Narcotics Withdrawal for Training
Security and Handling of Departmental Records and Files
Computer and Digital Forensic Requests
Security of Data from the NCIC Interstate Identification Index
Computer Security
Facial Recognition Program
Obtaining Subscriber Information and Emergency Traces from Telecommunications Service Providers
Postal Boxes for Undercover Investigations
Juvenile Justice Information System


Domestic Violence / TROs



Traffic Safety