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Message from the Chief

Keeping Honolulu the safest place to live, work, and play continues to be the Honolulu Police Department's vision. The community's safety is our department's top priority, and I am proud of our employees who are dedicated toward this commitment each and every day.

One of our major advancements was the creation of the Virtual Unit. Members of the unit have made remarkable improvements to the Honolulu Police Department's website and social media platform and created a Facebook page, all of which have allowed the department to move into the next era of communication. All of these communication tools allow us to provide up-to-date information about the Honolulu Police Department and informs subscribers of ongoing traffic tie ups and major events throughout the City and County of Honolulu. It also allows us to feature the outstanding efforts our employees give on a daily basis.

In addition, you will see our commitment in ensuring our employees are given the necessary resources to successfully do their jobs, such as training, new technology, vehicles, and other equipment.

The Honolulu Police Department cannot do it alone. I want to thank our community partners, our fellow city departments, other law enforcement agencies, and all of the individuals who help us keep Honolulu safe. We appreciate and rely on your assistance.

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