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HPD statement on prostitution investigations

We do not allow our officers to have sex with prostitutes.

HPD has strict guidelines to regulate officers' conduct, and all allegations of criminal or administrative misconduct are fully investigated. It is understandable that a defense attorney will say whatever he can to assist his clients. However, we have reviewed the cases and found absolutely no misconduct occurred on the part of these two officers. It is irresponsible for the attorney to allege officer misconduct, but not file a formal complaint or provide us with information that can be investigated.

We currently have no pending investigations involving officer misconduct related to prostitution arrests.

Enforcement of prostitution laws is critical because it addresses the exploitation of women by pimps. In 2013, we have made 16 arrests on pimps for promoting prostitution. Those cases all resulted from first arresting prostitutes and then getting them the help they desperately need to get out of their bad situations. Without the initial prostitution arrest, we would not be able to make these human trafficking arrests and get these prostitutes the help they need.