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Ask HPD: DVD monitor on your Dashboard

Q. "Is it legal to have a DVD monitor on the dashboard of a vehicle?"

A. It is illegal to have a monitor on a vehicle dashboard. Drivers should not be distracted and should focus on the road. If the monitor is placed behind the driver's or front passenger's seat, the driver should not be able to see it while operating a vehicle. Violators face a $72 fine.

ROH 15-19.39

Sec. 15-19.39 Television in motor vehicle.
No person shall drive a motor vehicle which is equipped with a television receiver screen, or other means of visually
receiving a television broadcast, which is located in the motor vehicle at any point forward of the back of the driver's seat or which is
visible to the driver while operating the motor vehicle. (Sec. 15-19.39, R.O. 1978 (1983 Ed.))

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