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Ask HPD: Traffic Investigation Road Closures

Question: We received numerous inquiries about this in the past. This week's question is, "Why are the roads closed for so long during traffic accident investigations?"

Answer: The officers that you see at an accident scene may be from the HPD's Vehicular Homicide Section, or VHS. Their main purpose is to investigate major motor vehicle collisions involving death or critical bodily injury. As with any investigation involving a death, or the possibility of death, it must be conducted carefully and methodically. The collision scene is treated as a crime scene, so these investigations do take more time than non-fatal or non-critical accident investigations. Because these collision scenes are considered crime scenes, all areas of that roadway are closed to preserve the evidence of the collision and to ensure the safety of the investigators until all the evidence has been gathered. VHS investigators are trained in Traffic Crash Reconstruction and employ a wide variety of technological tools to gather evidence, create to scale diagrams of the collision scene and determine road, vehicle and human conditions in their efforts to determine what happened in the accident. Unfortunately, this takes time to do it properly. The VHS does use the Police Helicopter to help speed up their investigations and is always analyzing and evaluating new technologies and techniques to both improve and speed up their investigations.

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