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Ask HPD: Being Pulled Over by a Police Officer

Question: What should I do if I'm driving and being pulled over by a police officer? What if there's no safe place to stop?

Answer: Getting pulled over can be an intimidating and stressful experience for the driver. Here are some important safety tips to remember. During a traffic stop, usually the officer will select a safe area for the motorist to pull over. If the driver misses that intended spot, he or she should slow down and use their hands or blinkers to communicate to the officer their intention of pulling over. If you are being pulled over and you want to make sure the person is an HPD officer, use your turn signal, drive at a reduced speed, continue to a well-lit or populated area, and pull over. You can also call 911 (come to a complete stop before using your phone). Give the dispatcher the location and mention that you have been pulled over. The dispatcher can verify if it is an HPD officer initiating the traffic stop on your vehicle.