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Ask HPD: Halloween Safety Tips

Question: With Halloween approaching, do you have any safety tips to share with the community?

Answer: Halloween is a popular holiday. Many families go trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods and many adults go to other social gatherings. Here are some tips:

• Pick a costume that does not hinder visibility. Choose make-up instead of a mask. Wear bright colors or reflective materials.

• Young children should always be accompanied by adults. Older children and teens should travel in groups and stay in familiar, well-lighted areas.

• Check candy. Do not eat anything that’s open or has been tampered with. If you see anything suspicious, call police.

• Don’t drink and drive

Here are some additional safety tips provided by our Community Affairs Section:

• Children should trick-or-treat during daylight hours. A responsible adult should escort children while trick-or-treating, especially at night.

• Advise children that they should never enter strangers' homes.

• All fruit items should be cut open and closely examined before eating.

• Give wrapped homemade treats only to children you know.

• Never invite children into your home.

• Children should never accept rides from strangers.

• Children should not take shortcuts through backyards or alleys.

• Instruct children not to stray from their group.

• Adult escorts should carry flashlights.

• Don't leave your home unattended on Halloween night.

• Keep pets inside your home, or other safe place on Halloween night.

• Children should walk, not run, during their trick-or-treat activities.

• Parents of older children should know what route they’ll be taking.

• All costumes should be made of light-colored, fireproof material.

• Use flashlights, blinking lights, and/or reflectors to ensure being seen at night.

• Children should wear proper fitting, comfortable costumes and shoes.

• Props such as toy guns or swords should be made of pliable material.

• Realistic replica firearms should never be used.

• Wigs should be fireproof and should not restrict vision.

• Children should always use sidewalks, not the street, for walking.

• Children should look in all directions before crossing the street.

We want everyone to have fun and be safe!

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