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Ask HPD: Most Common Calls for Service

Question: What is the most common reason police are called to a scene on island?

Answer: 911 receives more than 1,000,000 calls annually, and the majority of calls are for police service.

Here are the most common calls for service from January to September 2016:

Miscellaneous Services – 53,000 calls

These are non-criminal incidents. They can range from requesting information like how to obtain a TRO to more complex calls like requesting an officer to “standby” so someone can safely move out or recover their property.

Suspicious Circumstances – 41,000 calls

This includes strange noises, suspicious individuals, or suspicious vehicles.

Parking Violations – 36,000 calls

Illegal parking. This includes cars that are blocking a driveway or parking too close to a driveway.

Dropped Calls – 35,000 calls

This is when a caller hangs up or doesn't respond. The dispatcher will try to call the person back. If the person doesn't answer, an officer will be sent to the location (if known) to see if the person is okay. The person may have a medical or other type of emergency.

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