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Ask HPD: Motor Vehicle Accidents, Found Property

Question: What is the protocol for a police officers responding to a motor vehicle accident? Is the officer supposed to interview both parties involved and make a report?

Answer: There are different categories of motor vehicle collisions – or MVCs – that HPD investigates. They range from “fender bender” accidents to critical and fatal accidents. Regarding protocol, once the officer arrives on scene, he or she will make an initial assessment and ensure that the scene is safe. The officer will also care for any injuries and take steps to prevent any additional injuries. Once the officer determines which category the MVC falls under based on damages and injuries, the incident will be investigated accordingly. In most minor MVCs, the officer will assist with the exchange of information and make sure the drivers get back onto the roads safely. Although a report is not required, the officer will initiate a written report if one is requested. A report will be initiated for MVCs that involve injuries and/or more than minor damages.

Question: What happens to money that is found and turned in to police?

Answer: Any property turned in is inventoried in our HPD evidence room. Efforts will be made to identify and contact the owner to return the property. If the property is unclaimed by the owner after 45 days, HPD will contact the person who turned it in. We want to encourage everyone to turn in lost or stolen property. If you lost something or it was stolen, file a police report. This way, we can contact you if your property is recovered. For any questions regarding lost or found property, you can call the HPD evidence room at 723-3270.

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