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Ask HPD: Vehicle Tint

Question: What is the maximum legal tint for a vehicle?

Answer: The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 205 is the standard used to measure tint in Hawaii. Generally for vehicles, side and rear-view window tint behind a driver must have a light transmittance of no less than 35 percent, plus or minus six percent.

Question: Does this apply for all vehicles?

Answer: This does not apply to vans, minivans, trucks, or buses, provided that they have rear-view mirrors on both sides. Annual safety inspections measure vehicle tints and noncompliance can result in failing a safety inspection.
Question: Is it ok to tint the front windshield of a vehicle?

Answer: As for the front windshields of all vehicles, only transparent tint can be used on the front windshield and cannot go past the AS-1 mark or no lower than four inches below the top of the windshield. Violating the tint law carries a fine of $287.

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