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Ask HPD: Noise Complaints

Question: If I have a noise complaint against a neighbor, is there another number to call besides 911?

Answer: HPD does not have a non-emergency number. Please call 911 and an officer will be sent to your location to assist you.

Question: What are the general rules when it comes to noise in neighborhoods?

Answer: Noise from a neighboring residence is a common complaint. Examples include noisy pets, children, or loud music. You can call 911 and an officer will be sent to your location. The officer will make a subjective determination on whether the noise is unreasonable. He or she will take into consideration the circumstances surrounding the nuisance such as the time of day or night, volume, etc.

Question: Can I remain anonymous or do I need give the responding officer my personal information?

Answer: Yes, you can remain anonymous. However, please be prepared to provide the officer with information regarding the noise.

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