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Ask HPD: Firearms

Question: How do I apply for a firearms permit?

Answer: To obtain a permit to acquire a Firearm or to register a firearm, you must appear in person at the Honolulu Police Department's Firearms Unit located at 801 South Beretania Street. Office hours are from 7:45 in the morning to 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Customers within the office during that time will be assisted; however, all others will be asked to return the next business day for assistance. Forms are now available on our website to complete prior to coming down to the Firearms Section office. You may complete the forms and bring them with you to the Firearms Section to help expedite the application process. For more information, click here.

Question: My elderly parents own a rifle. They have a license, but they want to get rid of it. Can they turn it in to their local police station?

Answer: Yes, you can turn it in to your nearest police station. You can also call 911 and an officer will respond to assist you.

Question: Can I sell a firearm?

Answer: A gun owner may sell or transfer ownership to a licensed firearms dealer or to a private citizen who has a valid permit to acquire the firearm. They may also turn in their gun for destruction to the Honolulu Police Department. Although registration of a firearm can be transferred, there is currently no process to un-register a firearm.

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