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Ask HPD: Bicycles

Question: Is there a law about bicycles on the sidewalk?

Answer: The answer depends on where you are. You cannot ride a bike on the sidewalk in business districts like Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu, or in areas where signs prohibit it. Please keep in mind that pedestrians also have the right of way on a sidewalk, especially when there is a bike lane provided. Generally, you can ride a bicycle on sidewalks anywhere outside a business district. If you are riding a bike in a business district and want to get on the sidewalk, simply get off your bike and walk along side it on the sidewalk. The fine for riding the bike on the sidewalk can be $55 or $72 depending on the location of the violation.

Question: Do riders have to use the bike lane when available?

Answer: Bicyclists traveling at a speed less than the normal speed of traffic moving in the same direction should ride within the bicycle lane, except when passing, turning left or when avoiding debris or other hazards.

Question: Can bicyclists ride side-by-side and take up a whole lane?

Answer: Bicyclists on a roadway must ride single file as near to the right-hand curb, on the edge of the roadway, or on the shoulder lane off the roadway as practicable. Violators can face a $72 fine. Bicyclists may only ride side-by-side in a bike lane if the bike lane or path is wide enough, and when there are no signs prohibiting it. ยง291C-145 Riding on roadways and bikeways .

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