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HPD Recognizes Outstanding Employees and Civilians

The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) held its First Quarter Awards Ceremony today at the Mission Memorial Auditorium.

District 1 (Central Honolulu) Officer Christopher Nutter was named the Officer of the Quarter. After learning of the health and safety concerns associated with the current concealed body armor, Officer Nutter researched and submitted a proposal for new external body armor. The proposal was approved for field testing in District 1 and received positive feedback from officers. During the first quarter, Officer Nutter partnered with the Finance Division to secure the purchase and use of the external body armor. His research, insight, and information assisted the Finance Division in procuring the new body armor for the department. His supervisor says that Officer Nutter is constantly trying to find innovative ways to improve the safety, well-being, and morale of his fellow officers.

The Human Resources Division’s (HRD) Administrative Section was named the Unit of the Quarter. The section includes four detectives who conduct the pre-employment investigations for all sworn and civilian applicants. During the first quarter, the detectives coordinated seven sexual harassment classes, oversaw drug testing for more than 300 officers, facilitated 10 funerals, processed 20 Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act applications, and completed seven administrative investigations. To save on department costs, the detectives kept overtime to a minimum by adjusting their work schedules. The HRD’s Administrative Section has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and continues to prepare for future assignments.

District 7 (East Honolulu) Corporal Stanley Wilson, Officer Glenn Chong, and Officer Brandon Kam were presented with Certificates of Merit. In May, they responded to the Bingham overpass after receiving reports of a female who wanted to harm herself. When officers arrived, the female ran towards the middle of the overpass, climbed over the railing, and stood on top of a six-inch landing while holding onto the rail. The female told the officers to leave her alone and threatened to jump. When the female attempted to use her phone, the officers grabbed her and brought her over the railing onto the sidewalk. The officers’ quick actions and selflessness prevented the female from hurting herself and others.

Mr. Sean Cambe, Mr. Gabriel Freitas, Mr. Taz Iulio, Mr. Reyn Kishida, and Mr. Bailey Langser were presented with Certificates of Merit. In February, a female was walking in the Downtown area when a male groped her. The female tried to call 911, but the male took her cell phone and struck her several times before running into a nearby store. The female followed the male and told the store employees about the incident. When the male was confronted, he ran off. Messrs. Langser, Cambe, Freitas, Iulio, and Kishida chased after the male and detained him until officers arrived on scene. Thanks to their quick actions, the male was charged with first-degree robbery and fourth-degree sexual assault.

Mr. Glen Ralston was presented with a Certificate of Merit. In February, while working as a security guard at the Keehi Boat Harbor, Mr. Ralston heard a commotion near the boat ramp area. Bystanders told him that a male had rode a bicycle into the water. Ralston immediately jumped in the water and swam towards the male, who was about 10 feet under water. Mr. Ralston untangled the male’s jacket from the bicycle and brought him to shore. Unable to find a pulse, Mr. Ralston began CPR until first responders arrived. The victim was taken to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries. Mr. Ralston risked his life to assist a stranger, and his courageous efforts are greatly appreciated.