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Safer Roads - Traffic Division

On September 29, 2013 the HPD's Traffic Division coordinated a joint operation between District 5 & 8 officers, Criminal Investigations Division, and the Reconstruction Permit Office. The Traffic Division received information that a group of automobile enthusiasts would be holding a car cruise encouraging participants to bring their "illegally modified" vehicles. Information related that the cruise would culminate with illegal street racing on the H-1 & H-3 freeways.

Over 150 vehicles were stopped for illegal modifications as well as occupant safety and distracted driver type violations. 308 citations were issued of which 25 were for seat belt, 7 child restraint, 19 mobile electronic device, 11 driving without license, 18 no insurance, 12 speeding, 8 moving, and 208 for equipment violations. There were also 9 arrests made of which 2 were for racing, 2 excessive speeding, and 5 for outstanding warrants.