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Officer involved shooting in Waipahu

Around 3:10 a.m. today, officers were sent to a dropped 911 call at a home on Hiapo Street in Waipahu. When they arrived, they saw a male standing at the back of the house and holding a 12-foot metal pole with a straight blade attached to the end.

The male, who witnesses say suffers from a mental disorder, had threatened a family member with the blade. The male refused the officers' repeated orders to put the pole down. Instead the male began advancing toward the officers while making cutting motions. One of the officers deployed his electric gun, but it was ineffective and the male continued his advance. A second officer fired multiple shots, fatally striking the male several times.

Both criminal and administrative investigations have been opened. There were four officers who responded to the scene. All are assigned to District 3 (Pearl City) and have been placed on administrative leave as standard procedure.